Worldwide | SSD Solution | Chemical | Machine | At CleanMoneyTech 

Worldwide | SSD Solution | Chemical | Machine | At CleanMoneyTech 


About us page

About us

   CleanMoneyTech, a multinational enterprise, specializes in cleaning black money with its cutting-edge technology, offering a range of solutions globally. Our products include a Black Dollar cleaning machine, high-quality Black Dollar cleaning chemicals, SSD chemical solutions, activation powder, Zuta, and more. We cater to clients in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Brazil, and worldwide, ensuring effective financial security and currency cleaning services.

Tel / Whatsapp: +32 460 21 70 87

Our vision 

   Our vision is simple but profound: to redefine the dark money cleaning experience.  Our goal is to provide our valued customers with satisfactory results, perfect cleaning, and unparalleled convenience, making CleanMoneyTech the go-to destination for all their black dollar cleaning needs.

Who we are

      CleanMoneyTech is not just a cleaning service;  it is a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Created with a passion for cleanliness and a commitment to making black money maintenance effortless, we have become a recognized name in the industry.

What sets us apart

       Innovation in cleaning

   CleanMoneyTech is at the forefront of innovation, introducing advanced cleaning solutions that not only clean but also preserve and protect your currencies.  From our unique SSD Solution products to revolutionary activation powder, we offer you the latest technology in cleaning your black dollars

       Cutting-edge machines

   Our machines are not simple tools;  they are the heart of CleanMoneyTech.  Powered by integrated hydrogen sources, our machines offer efficiency, reliability and exceptional performance.  Whether it's the versatile F1 or the speedy F2, our machines are designed to meet the diverse black dollar cleaning needs of our customers.

       Professional cleaning services

   Beyond products and machines, CleanMoneyTech offers professional cleaning services for all types of hidden money.  From dry cleaning delicate banknotes to express cleaning solutions, our team of experts ensures your banknotes are treated with the utmost care and attention.

Our engagement

At CleanMoneyTech International Laboratory, our commitment goes beyond cleaning.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility and continuous improvement.  Our commitment to quality and excellence is what sets us apart in the world of cleaning services.